Monday, March 21, 2011

We laughed when Gaddafi said he was fighting Al Qaeda and not Libyans ... did we judge harshly ?

Worth reading this long article from The DissidentVoice website by Gerald Perriera who has lived in Libya for several years. It will make you wonder anew about who or what exactly is behind the "protestors" or "rebels" there. There is so much we are not privy to. One thing I do know... if I see someone banging his forehead on the ground and going "allah akbar" whenever  there are shots flying in the sky and he thinks he is going to his 72 virgins... that person is an islamist and I wouldn't trust an islamist ever.  If you watch the Libya clips at YouTube, shouts of "allah akbar" are heard more clearly than the shots ringing in the air.
Conclusion: The rebels are made up of mostly murderous islamists.

So .... isn't it strange that Canada is now on the side of islamists who might be actually members of Al Qaeda and graduates from the University of Taqiyyah?

It is a sad thing to lose faith in one's government.

...Libya is a deeply traditional society, plagued with some outmoded and bankrupt ideas that continue to surface to this day. In many ways, Qaddafi has had to struggle against the same reactionary aspects of Arab culture and tradition that the holy prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was struggling against in 7th century Arabia—Arab supremacy/racism, supremacy of family and tribe, historical feuding tribe against tribe and the marginalisation of women. Benghazi has always been at the heart of counter-revolution in Libya, fostering reactionary Islamic movements such as the Wahhabis and Salafists. It is these people who founded the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group based in Benghazi which allies itself with Al Qaeda and who have, over the years, been responsible for the assassination of leading members of the Libyan revolutionary committees.

These forces hate Qaddafi's revolutionary reading of the Quran. They foster an Islam concerned with outward trappings and mere religiosity, in the form of rituals, which at the same time is feudal and repressive, while rejecting the liberatory spirituality of Islam. While these so-called Islamists are opposed to Western occupation of Muslim lands, they have no concrete programmatic platform for meaningful socio-economic and political transformation to advance their societies beyond semi-feudal and capitalist systems which reinforce the most backward and reactionary ideas and traditions. Qaddafi's political philosophy, as outlined in The Green Book, rejects unfettered capitalism in all its manifestations, including the “State capitalism” of the former communist countries and the neo-liberal capitalist model that has been imposed at a global level. The idea that capitalism is not compatible with Islam and the Quran is not palatable to many Arabs and so-called Islamists because they hold onto the fallacious notion that business and trade is synonymous with capitalism..........

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