Sunday, March 13, 2011

On a war-making ideology, natural phobias and other stuff

1) ...Unlike race hatreds against Blacks, Jews, and other ethnicities, fear of Islamic throat-cutting is just facing reality. What's not to fear about a bloody-minded ideology that wants to chop your head off for the greater glory of God? The 9/11 hijackers used box-cutting razors to cut the throats of innocent pilots and flight attendants, exactly the same style of butchery that devout Muslims employ to kill sheep every year, during the media-celebrated holiday of Eid el Adha. (The feast of Jacob's sacrifice.). That's just about the only time liberals express any respect for religion.

The media always forget to tell you how much the throat-cutting of sheep on Eid looks like the throat-cutting of American flight personnel on 9/11. Odd, ain't it? Minister Louis Farrakhan knows all about it, and so does Rev. Jerry Wright, who started his career as a Muslim. Obama was raised with Muslims, so there's no doubt he knows about throat-cutting, too. Everybody knows about it, except the American people, who are not allowed to know. Our pathological media at work.

Islam is dangerous because it treats people like sheep to be killed if they don't obey. European literature begins with the Song of Roland, a chanson de geste about a famous last stand by Charlemagne's knight Roland in Europe's first war against the Saracens (Muslims). The Song of Roland came to be the symbol of resistance by Christian Europe against Muslim head-choppers..........

2) My favorite Canadian politician calls it a day. Good for him, and my wishes are that he has a calm, quiet and peaceful time with his family. For an honest, conscientious politician (yeah... there are some of them around, amazingly) life is too short to waste on political chicanery and continuious mud slinging.   In wrestling with his decision to leave politics,   Stockwell Day was reminded of the words of his late father. He “always told us as kids to always try to leave the campground in a little better shape than you found it and I hope I’ve done that,” Mr. Day told The Globe Saturday.

3) Photos of the unbelievable disaster in Japan. Here and more here.

4) What's going on with dead fish? Millions of dead fish on the California coast a few days before the quake. My theory is that some sort of poisonous gas leaks out of the sea floor as a prelude to earthquakes and poisons sea life as well as drive those poor whales crazy enough to commit suicide on the nearest shores.

5) BBC guys get a dose of what it's like to ditch Ghadafi from your "friends" list.

6) Did you know that Japan is the 10th most populated country in the world.  I had no idea.  Their population  stand at 127 M.  We are at #36 with 34 M

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