Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christians killed liked vermin, that's because moslems think THEY ARE VERMIN

You may deny it all you want, however, the fact remains that Christians are persecuted in each and every moslem land. On the other hand, Western countries are putting moslems on pedestals and expecting every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary and Jane to respect moslems and their culture. Why is our Western world so upside down, more on this issue than on any other. The article below from The Telegraph UK, has some telling comments.

Shahbaz Bhatti was Pakistan’s Minister for Minorities and today he paid the price for belonging to the most despised Pakistani minority of all: Christians. He was shot dead in his car for the crime of campaigning to reform the country’s medieval blasphemy laws. Those laws are used to make life hell for Christians – but that doesn’t seem to bother Britain and the EU, which pour millions of pounds into Pakistan and don’t make a big deal out of anti-Christian persecution.

I don’t recall an enormous fuss being made, either, when Egypt last week acquitted the suspected murderers of six Coptic Christians mown down as they left Mass in Nag Hammadi in January. That was the “justice” handed out to Christians in Mubarak’s Egypt. If the Muslim Brotherhood seize power, this sort of case won’t even come to court.

Thank God, then, for our allies in Afghanistan. Following intense and secretive diplomatic pressure, they have magnanimously decided not to execute a man who converted to Christianity. So, you see, we did bring freedom to the Afghan people after all!

Meanwhile, as my colleague Ed West has often noted, Iraq’s indigenous Christian minority is close to extinction. To be fair, that wasn’t intention of the originator of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation when he invaded the country – but it was certainly the vision of the founder of Islam.

No one suggests that Western politicians and churchmen can do much about the Islamic world’s hostility towards Christianity, at least in the short term. But just recognising it would be a start. After all, the world does now know about the flourishing of European-style anti-Semitism in Muslim countries, even if the United Nations gives every impression of not caring a hoot about it............

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