Saturday, March 19, 2011

Isn't it amazing that Canada goes to war with yet another moslem country ?

So Libyan oil is more important to Canada in spite of our own Alberta oil sands... eh?!!!   Maybe Harper likes the blood-tinged Libyan oil much better than what his country has in plenty.

So ... the black people of Dafur were just animals walking on two legs that could be murdered in millions without any Western nation or the UN or sweet, lovely, beloved Canada ... batting even an eyelid eh?!!! However, Libyan protestors which comprise elements of Palestinians, Egyptians, Tunisians, Yemenis and others are definitely more important than the black helpless people of Dafur. 

So .... why is Canada interfering with and in moslem countries?

Isn't it enough that we keep hearing about moslems not wanting the West to interfere in their affairs and here is Canada all too eager to send off our military jets and pilots, perhaps to kill Libyans loyal to Gaddafi (but I guess anybody loyal to Gaddafi have given up their Libyan citizenship now that they have become easy meat for NATO).

What a strange world we live in.

Do we really think that Libyans loyal to Gaddafi will not bear a grudge towards govts. of nations who have been far too ready to rush there to kill them?

Russia and Germany refrained from the UN vote. Good for them. Canada should have done the same.

Another wrong move by our Prime Minister. Another move that will come back to bite him in his behind. Wait and watch.


  1. My reason for not getting involved in this has nothing to do with oil. There is a civil war starting in Libya and they should be allowed to determine on their own without ANY OUTSIDE INFLUENCE the future of their country. The dictator Gaddafi may or may not fight off this challenge. Which ever way it goes it is not our place to be in the fight. Unless maybe we are open to the Quebec separatists getting aid from maybe Cuba or China say because outside influence is OK. I hope you get the point I am trying to make.

  2. Bob - for Canada, maybe oil is not the issue.

    I fully agree that it is not for us to interfere in their civil war. The arab nations have their own council and committees and they should handle their own wars, our western nations should not have let those nations twist our arms into involving ourselves in their dirty business.
    Moreover, Libya falls in Africa .... did the UN get an ok from the African league of nations committee .. or whatever they are called? I have seen no mention of that league agreeing to take action against Gaddafi.
    It's just not right for Canada to have interfered in this affair.
    All our political parties in Canada seem ready to follow Obama, even if he leads us to hell.

  3. I thought Jack Layton or Iggy would lay one on the PM for this extremely bad move. Not a pip so far. Did they all agree? More and more Canada seems to be under coalition governance.

  4. Simon - the "Harper Government" is more liberal than the libs and more in line with the NDP than the NDP itself ... so it's a win-win for everybody but conservatives like us who don't get swayed in whichever direction the wind blow... and Harper bends.


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