Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Judge Bruce Fraser ... yet another dhimmi judge ...

just how many of these dumb-bells are  in Canada?

Here's what happened and it's sheer luck that the wanna-be-jihadist was not able to distract any pilots in the cockpit:

A moslem aims a shining 400,000 candlepower spotlight towards planes taking off from a Calgary airport.
An alert air traffic controller noticed the bright beam in the sky about 11 p.m.
A police officer approached a vehicle in a parking lot near runway 16 and videotaped the dangerous act.

In spite of all this evidence, the dhimmi judge rules that a fine of a measly $1000 be imposed on the man.

This man might have been responsible for bringing down an aircraft, but because it did not happen, he gets a slap on his wrist and a pinch to his purse and that's that.

Was the CSIS contacted?  What about the RCMP,  did they start an investigation to delve further into this man's past and his contacts?  Does the judge have any inkling about other incidents of this nature and how these homegrown jihadists are doing their best to bring down planes?   What's going on with our justice system?  What's going on with our government?


  1. Would it be un-Christian to hope the judge's family are in the next plane this idiot tries to sabotage?

  2. No, it wouldn't. However, these idiots never get a life lesson and so carry on with their merry mistaken agenda.


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