Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shariah lover .... Judge Richard Nielsen of Hillsborough, Florida

More and more judges are proving to be as dhimmified as can be.   Here's more news   on how shariah laws have now jumped over USA's laws and are sitting pretty over the old discarded ones ... in Florida.

Think of a big huge murderous sumo fighter the size of  a giant godzilla ... squatting on the broken body of the Statue of Liberty.... all courtesy of this blasted dhimmified judge.

What a moron !!!  Moreover, he looks like he should have retired decades ago. Another appointee of the Bush family  .... what brainless elites!!

via: Matt Drudge


  1. This judge needs to be recalled immediately. Sharia Law has no place in our society. We have our own laws, and anyone coming into this country needs to abide by them. Not employ their laws from their countries. That is how it is when you are in their country. What the hell is wrong with this country's leaders. Why aren't people enraged and protesting this kind of action?

  2. This is another example of the left elite minority knowing what is best for the red neck majority.

  3. Just another cap in the ass of Socialists.

    Good Catch, Dear!

    Ole Judge Neilson Gotta Go
    Hey hey Ho Ho

    BTW, that pastor in FL from last year finally burned a Koran. The video of it is out.

  4. VF - Yeah, I saw it. As crazy as the muslim loons. Now the Pakistani nuts have called a fatwa on him ... what else is new, eh?
    And to top it all, their ambassador to the US has filed a letter of complaint with your govt. whining about Americans and islamophobia... LOL.
    When Christians are killed, maimed, degraded, forced to convert to islam in their rotten Pakistan, nobody in the world seems to speak on their behalf. The irony is just amazing.


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