Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sarah Palin takes aim and fires at the "lame" media

On Israel: ... As far too many in the media, and in various governments, rush to condemn Israel, we must put the recent events off Israel’s coast into the right perspective. This “relief” convoy was not about humanitarian aid, as the liberal mainstream media keeps reporting. The whole operation was designed to provoke Israel, not to provide supplies to Palestinians held hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Anyone who sees the video of Israeli commandos being attacked as they land on that ship knows the people aboard were vicious thugs, not “peace activists.” The media insults our intelligence with their outright mischaracterization of who these enemies are.....

On the general untrustworthiness of the media: It may seem like a small thing, considering the state of the union and international issues of the day, .....but let me share some facts


  1. Excellent! I fear for Sarah and her family. The lefties are so deranged they will try anything to stop her. Thank goodness she has guns in her house and knows how to use them!

    I saddens me that not only is she under attack, but her family as well. Americans need to rally around her, protect her and her family. The tolerant left, are only tolerant of their own opinions.

  2. Sarah Palin is the smartest American ever. The world will be so much better when she brings her strength to personalityt and superior intellect to bear on world problems.

    U betcha!

  3. Truth disguised as sarcasm, GritPatriot? I am glad you are seeing the light. Now, say "Thanks" to the Conservatives for holding the torch while you can read the truth.
    Cheers ... and here's hoping many more insights will be cheerfully accepted by Grits like you.
    It's all good.


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