Friday, June 25, 2010

How a Reporter from Canadian Press got himself into G20 security's claws

I think we should be proud of the job the G20 security detail is doing. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. I hope the hooligans and scum that have come together in Toronto to protest the G20 get a dose of what our guys and gals are capable of giving when it comes to security. Protesting at such events has become a big business... I wonder how much Soros gave the riff-raff to create trouble.

.... As a journalist assigned to cover the G8 in Huntsville, I had been here twice before on this sunny day, showing my identification and a letter issued to me that would allow me into the zone. Both times, no problems.

This time, however, the officer took exception to my Parliament Hill badge, which I wear every day while covering politics in Ottawa and which clearly identifies me as a reporter.

After weaving my way through the s-shaped zig-zag checkpoint area, I pulled over to an area reserved only for those who might soon be ejected. Before I opened the trunk of my car, there were two officers scanning my vehicle from the outside.

Once the lid was opened, and the contents of the trunk revealed, uniformed police seemed to come out of every corner.Two more police officers. Then four more. Three taking notes. Then another.......


  1. Security is tight around the G-20. Have fun.

  2. "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear."

    I have always wondered why this is always a one sided argument. The government can keep secrets for years even in maters that are not national security (MP expenses). Freedom of information requests are routinely ignored by government agencies. They frequently get caught in outright lies.

    If they want us to live by these rules why don't they and why don't you take them to task for not doing so?

    What do they have to hide and why should I trust them?

  3. Kevin - if you are alluding to the detainee issue, then bear in mind that in wartime, transparency = foolishness. We are at war in Afghanistan, FYI.
    Yes, there are many other issues that should be transparent and which would not put our soliders in jeopardy over there in Afghanistan .... and on those, I am with you. The govt. should show us where they are spending all the stimulus money, even this 1 Billion+ on Ontario... so we the taxpayers can see how many cronies of McGuinty and Miller and CUPE orgs. are getting a large slice of the pie.


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