Wednesday, June 2, 2010

YouTube, FaceBook, AP and even search engines like Google and Yahoo are in cohorts

with the enemies of Israel. Has the world gone completely mad? Is there a planet out there accepting immigration applications from earth people like me? PLEASE, let me out of here !!!!   I received a note from a Jewish friend of mine who says that she has learnt that YouTube is planning to remove a couple of videos posted by the IDF and the reason they are giving is "not too many people are logging in to view them." I have seen videos at You Tube that did not have more than 10 views and those videos have been there for ages. How blatantly dishonest can one get !!!!  YouTube you are a fraud.

Go view these videos and help the IDF to spread the truth of what happened on the Flotilla of Terrorists.

also watch this:
and decide for yourselves whether the flotilla was a peaceful one or bent on creating what they succeeded in doing.

On another note, did you guys hear about the Catholic nobody poking his nose into the fray. The Vatican = Villians. They are letting the leftish Ireland rule them from across the seas and we all know that Ireland has become hard-core leftish.  When did the Pope become a spokesperson for other Roman Catholics?  Is the Church supposed to interfere and give their opinion on Israel and Gaza?   Why doesn't the Pope just say some prayers for the dead Christians of Guatemala instead of blowing his horn in matters that he should not interfere.  Saying prayers should be his primary duty not politics.

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