Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When the Left turns on their own, it’s not a pretty sight

Yes sir, it sure can’t get uglier than this, or can it?. I hate Obama’s policies, but on a personal note I can almost hear the man going “ouch, ouch, ouch” with every thrust of the razor-sharp darts going his way from his very own fan club. Even Maureen Dowd of the NY Times who wrote many a flowery piece about the One is now no longer a fan. When the shine comes off, it comes off  lightening quick doesn’t it?

After being hit by Sarah Palin in the gonads time and time again, I bet Obama has started wearing ballistic caps, so the lashing out from Palin on O’Reilly soon after Obama’s speech yesterday was expected and must have probably not even put a dent in the cap Obama was wearing, no big deal when compared to what Mister Tingle Up My Leg and the other “pundits” at MSNBC had to say.  Also, something strange came out of the Palin/O'Reilly discussion ... the fact that the Obama administration has not even bothered to return the calls from the Dutch offering to help in capping the oil spill and according to Palin, the Dutch know a thing or two about such mishaps. 

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  1. That comment about the Dutch being scorned has been around the net for awhile. Hadn't heard about the Norwegians, though. Also, it took a long time before the Americans finally accepted a Canadian offer of boom material.

    Had the Obama administration thought about the oil spill as anything other than a political opportunity, then they would have pushed BP from day one to set up all possible containment measures as quickly as possible. Further, Mr Obama would have brought Congress onside to remove the ?Jones Act as an obstacle to having foreign vessels in the Gulf (although can't figure out why this act is an impediment to aid workers but not to the rig itself which is foreign-registered).

    BP is certainly at fault, but the government's response was, and is, fatally flawed.


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