Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Libby Davies MUST resign

It is totally shameful that a member of the Canadian Parliament makes a conscious effort not to know the true history of one of our best allies and treasured friends. She has no business representing Canadians. If she does not resign, then the rest of Canada should look upon most of  the residents of Vancouver East, the patch of Canadian soil this woman represents as being equally uninformed as the person they have voted to represent them. Why do the NDP representatives hate Israel so much and love to jump into bed with the Palestinians? How did their hatred of Israel and their love for Palestinians come about? As I have not been that long in Canada, I am not sure about the NDP leader’s stance on Israel. Is Jack Layton too a Jew-hater and is he too in bed with terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah? Are we going to stand for such behaviour from our representatives? I for one want to see this woman resign and out of politics. She is as stupid and as naive as that Barbara Hall who wanted Sharia Law in Ontario. Is anybody surprised that this woman's spouse is the publisher of rabble.ca.... a rabid extreme Left website?

Our PM is absolutely right that this woman should be forced to resign.

And, here is the deputy leader of the NDP, the nitwit Libby Davies who thinks she  knows best what Israel should do or not do, when she knows 0% of Israel's history.


  1. Even more damaging is that Libby's spouse is the editor/publisher of rabble.ca. That site is where the ultimate far left loony tunes hang out.

  2. Libby Davies is a good Communist activist,brought up on socialist logic and sense of victimhood.

    We in B.C.,who have had to endure the bleatings of this English born idiot wish she'd never immigrated here.

    Davies has never earned an honest living ,every cent she's ever made has come from the taxpayers.

    Davies and her husband founded the Downtown Eastside Residents Association,and over the last thirty years has done as much for the DES residents as Obama has done for Chicago residents;bugger all.

    She will NEVER resign,she couldn't find an honest job with radar. Her welfare bum constituents will vote for her until Hell freezes over,as they're dumb enough to think she actually does something to improve their lot.



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