Sunday, June 27, 2010

Maggots crawling out of the gutters and badly brought up offspring arrested on UFT campus

Most of these lefties  have parents who used to accompany them to rock concerts and throw their panties and thongs alongwith these violent nuts at the rock stars....IMO.   From thongs and panties to molotov cocktails , bottles and stones and soon these same individuals will graduate to grenades and worse.  It's a natural progression.  Children are the extension of their parents' morals or lack thereof. It's not just the entities like the NDP party or CUPE that encourage such behaviour... some of the blame  should be shared with the irresponsible parents of these violent idiots. What  happened in our Toronto streets yesterday and likely to happen again, is the result of bad upbringing coupled with  brainwashing by the leftish professors and the leftish groups in Canada.
Early this morning someone saw some maggots crawling out of a manhole cover and immediately called the security detail. This is the natural dwelling place for such scum that you saw on your TV sets yesterday. And, close to 50 young people have been arrested from one of the UFT buildings. Some of the rooms in the UFT buildings are leased out to visiting youngsters... I happen to know they do this because some young friends of the family were here last year and they were put up at exactly this type of a place.


  1. Sounds about right.

    These people are vermin.

  2. These spoiled brats should receive a good spanking from mommy or daddy. The one reason we didn't see a lot of immigrant kids at the protests was probably because they would have received a good beating at home for buffoonery like this.

  3. Hear Hear !! You are so right Yee. Canadian kids have been born with a silver spoon in their mouths and then their parents and the govt. give them golden ones as well.


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