Tuesday, June 22, 2010

PM Harper to set things right with families of 1985 Air India victims

It's the right move to make and trust our PM Harper to do the right thing. I watched a documentary recently on the 1985 tragedy. What I took away from it were the following missteps and downright total mistakes made by Canada of that time:

1) Brian Mulroney, the PM at that time giving/sending his condolences to India. What was the man thinking!!!! 90% of the victims were Canadians of Indian descent and more than 100 of them were children, many of them going to India for the very first time to see the land of their parents or to meet their grandparents.  Was Mulroney sending his condolences for the loss of an Air India aircraft ?

2) The RCMP and the newly formed CSIS were totally inefficient and dastardly politically correct. They knew about the main figure in the terrorist group. They knew about him going to construction sites to view how explosives were placed when rocks had to be cleared from sites and they did nothing to bring him in.

3) The RCMP and CSIS destroyed their transcripts and tapes after a certain period of time (I think it was after 20 weeks) because that was the modus operandi at that time.... don't even try to reason why.  The lack of this material is the reason why the case against the other conspirators fell through.

4) When the bodies of the victims were being recovered (those that could be found, most were lost forever) and brought ashore on the shores of Ireland (or was it Scotland?), not a single Canadian official was present althought the families of the victims were all gathered there, desperate and mad with grief.

It was a tragedy that could have been avoided if the RCMP and CSIS had a better understanding of terrorists and did not give a damn about political correctness  and what would the lawyers do or say about this and that if they acted on their instincts and arrested the bomber.  I hope they have learnt  a lot from this terrible tragedy... a lesson that  cost over 300 innocent lives.  More victims of political correctness and appeasement.  There's no end in sight even today after 25 years.


  1. You're kidding, right?

    "PM Harper to set things right with families of 1985 Air India victims"

    You realize he's going to apologize, right? And you think an apology will "set things right"?

    These families LOST LOVED ONES. Unless Harper can resurrect the dead, an apology will not mean one iota. Not one.

    Justice must be served here. More importantly, justice must be seen to be served. Inderjit Singh Reyat served 5 years for manslaughter and awaits charges of perjury.

    The families of the victims of this tragedy ought to have justice before an apology.

  2. The Tone ... I agree with you. Nothing can set things right for the families of the victims... that was a stupid title for ny post.
    At least, what the PM is now doing is "somewhat" a first step. What do you propose to bring the other culprits to justice? All the records have been destroyed and the law requires proof. The only justice I can think of would be if the affected families themselves took matters in their own hands and hired contract killers to kill the killers. I don't see that happening with these peace loving folks... do you? And will it give them some relief? I don't know.
    Our justice system needs an overhaul and I have been saying that for the longest time. Our judges have strayed too far to the Left and give more focus to the well-being of criminals... victims and their families are disregarded altogether.

  3. Well, as part of the apology, he could release the people involved to the victims family.
    It turns my stomach every time I see those a$$holes on TV news clips. That smary, arrogant sneer. It makes my blood boil.

  4. Fix CSIS and the RCMP - that's what Harper should do.

    The Air India Inquiry found that "a cascading series of errors" by the government, the RCMP and CSIS failed to prevent the tragedy. The government of the day is long gone, but the RCMP and CSIS are still around and desperate need of reform.

    According to the Inquiry, the justice system and the supposed political leanings of Canadian judges does not appear to be a factor in this act of terrorism.


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