Monday, June 7, 2010

Coming Soon to your Al-Jazeera English channel.... burka-clad anchors ....

and we will not know whether they are women, men or martians under the black sacks. Al-Jazeera in the Middle East are coming down hard on their female anchors and slapping them with a dress code. Oh... yeah .... I can hear you saying, “that’s in the Middle East and that’s not the Al-Jazeera English channel like we have in our own so sweet and so free Canada”.  How’s that sand treating your eyes down there where you have your heads buried deep, eh?  Remember this ... the high tide does not come to shore in a tidal wave... but come to the shore it does, little by little.. an inch at a time.

The TV channel issued a statement to say: "the on-screen style and general appearance of broadcasters and announcers are the legal right of the network to determine and develop".

Nice going, eh?! And this is what we have unleashed on Canada? Bigotry and Arabic cavemen mentality for the viewing pleasure of  Canadians?  Hope all those politicians, the money-hungry individuals and the cheerleaders for bringing this channel to Canada’s airwaves are elated  today with Al-Jazeera and what they stand for.

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  1. I don't mind having al-jazeera available in this country.
    It's important to have them out in the open where they can face scrutiny.
    Now if we could just get Fox news for some balance.
    And that Russian channel where the anchors remove their clothes.
    Let the market decide.

    In the States, the market does just that where the ratings of Fox news exceed the sum total of all of their competitors.

    Also, somebody somewhere is going to have a database of who watches al-jazeera.
    There has to be some use in that.
    Kinda like the idiots who google perfect murders and wonder why they get caught.


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