Thursday, June 3, 2010

Glenn Beck on the Flotilla of Terrorists

Did you know that Ayers, his wife,  Code Pink and the usual suspects from the USA were also involved in the Jew-hate endeavor?  The entire show on Wednesday, June 2, Beck devoted to Israel.  Here's the online version from FoxTV posted at UTube. For viewing the entire show, check the links below.

If you want to see how hypocrital YouTube has become, check out how they are rigging the view counts. I did an experiment a couple of hours ago. I called up 3 of my friends and got them to click on the Glenn Beck segments above and to watch them to the very end. Then I checked the view counter at the end of 40 minutes. NO CHANGE WHATSOEVER from my first count. What do you make of that? Even the car mechanics who play with the mileage meters on cars to show less mileage for easy resales, are like babes in the woods compared to YouTube when it comes to rigging view counts. YouTube SHAME ON YOU for letting the leftists in your employ get away with tricking your visitors into thinking that nobody cares about watching these vids. Very, very unprofessional.


  1. Last nights episode was awesome. North Korea can fire a torpedo killing 46 sailors and look at what happens to Isreal for trying to stop some terrorists. War is coming.

  2. Alex ... yes the show yesterday was awesome and for the first time ever that I can recall, Beck came back for a web exclusive after some info that needed confirmation was confirmed.
    As for "war is coming" ... it's all up to the USA. If they tell Turkey to Shut Up and Go Away, then there won't be a conflict. Having a WhiteHouse full of leftists, normal people like us just don't know how irrationally they will behave and let this present volatile situation progress to a point of no return.


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