Monday, June 14, 2010

Yipee Yay Yay .... Rob Ford in the lead in the Toronto Mayoral Race

Polls show Rob Ford in the lead. Yours truly was contacted too for the poll.  Keep it up Mr.Ford. We, the down-trodden, long suffering, crushed and demonized, insulted and ravaged, chewed up and thrown out Conservative Torontonians support you. Stay strong.  Also, could you please ask a gentle question, on behalf of your supporters, of CBC, CTV and CityTV, as to why they are not giving you enough airtime. Their cameramen keep panning to bald heads and I see  you have yet to go down that road.

I love the way Tasha Kheiriddin of NP writes. Is common sense coming to Canada’s largest city? Two new polls show Toronto councillor Rob Ford running neck and neck with former provincial health minister George Smitherman in the race for the mayor’s chair in Toronto. In a CTV-Globe and Mail survey, Mr. Ford bests his closest rival, 17.8 per cent to 15.9 per cent, while all but one of the other contenders fall into single digits. In a Toronto Star poll, Mr. Smitherman rates 29 per cent to Mr. Ford’s 26 per cent, with their nearest challenger, publisher Sarah Thompson, sitting back at 17 per cent. ...

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