Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stupidity found in abundance with Kutcher and Moore ...

which proves that beauty sans brains is what Hollywood is famous for. It's not just Hollywood that has gone bonkers, that was a given what with all those colored capsules most of them swallow and the white dust they snort up their noses and the needles they plunge into their bodies. We can dismiss Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and the horde of others in that creepy video "I Pledge" as just dumb f***s. Even when the empty headed pretty boy Kutcher (if he was not married I would have sworn he was gay) says "We have to find a different way to live off of this earth." and implies that the RNC speakers advocating for "Drill, Drill, Drill" are in a sense responsible for the current oil spill disaster.... we can still dismiss the dumbo for what he is... DUMB.

However, how do we ignore career journalists from supposedly reputed media outlets like the Washington Post and others. These journalists are want to say the most stupid things possible aka Helen Thomas. Just goes to prove that these kind of writers are fast becoming redundant not only to their employers but to the readership at large. American Thinker has an article here showing how corrupted ,biased and totally stupid the "paid" journalists have become. According to me, they were always stupid, however, their stupidity is crystal clear now more than ever because they are refusing to see the impact of the actual events happening around them or see them with an upside-down view. What are these people taking these days? They are as empty headed as the Hollywood elite. So.... if the Gores' marriage could fail there is no hope for any of us. Yes, that's what one of the journos from WPO said. Man oh man..... unbelievable.

h/t: Irene


  1. They're actors. They live in a make believe world built on exaggeration and myth. They may have some influence with the witless, but for the rest of us...just ignore them.

  2. That video WAS creepy! Especially the ending,where all the big heroic stars meld into Obama's face!

    Holy F***! I'd ask if these people are on drugs, but I already know the answer.


  3. Oedipus Rwx........oops Ashton and Demi (with Bruce in tow) are just a couple of self absorbed faded stars.


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