Monday, June 7, 2010

My, my ... what next ?

First the banks and insurance companies are cowed down. Now the oil companies?  Who’s next in line? IBM, Microsoft and Google - watch out.  Google is almost on the chopping block with one type of allegation or another hurled at them.  If this is not the onset of a communist state, then I don’t know what is. What are the bets that this group calling for the seizure of BP is linked to the Unions and the White House?

The explosion and spill from a BP deepwater drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico has generated justifiable anger across the nation and especially in the affected coastal region. It's also generated popular backlash, one manifestation of which is an increasingly loud call for confiscating company assets. The front line of this campaign is an ad hoc group, "Seize BP," which organized anti-BP rallies in cities across America last week. The group's mission is as simple as its name: Persuade the Obama administration to seize assets of the British-based oil company and use the proceeds for compensating victims and family members for loss of life, health, and property values. Such action, however, far from delivering justice, would make a bad situation worse......

h/t: Irene


  1. Americans can always be counted on to make a bad situation head-shakingly laughable.

    Did you hear about the Little League baseball teams in the south that have refused to refer to their 'BP' as Batting Practice and are now calling it Hitting Rehearsal? I kid you not. You can't make stuff like this up.

    I love Google Earth and go there frequently to explore places that I know and love but haven't been to in ages and it angers me to no end that governments are threatening Google with legal action over privacy concerns that are mostly frivolous.
    My home is on street-level Google Earth and my van is parked in the driveway but the license plate is blurred.
    However, if you know where to look you'll see one of my dogs in the living room window, face not blurred. Perhaps I should sue?

  2. It is a move by other more favoured oil companies to seize assets.


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