Sunday, June 27, 2010

Muslim madness marches on accompanied by drumbeats from the Left

And they are coming for you sooner than you think. It does not matter how "highly educated" or "well placed and well spoken" they are, their brains are seething with the most unbelievable rot ever imaginable. While the Left are able to coat their venom with long sentences and flowery phrases, the muslims tell us openly  what they think of us and what they plan to do to us. Only extremely naive people will ignore the signals being sent out.... they are crystal clear and you don't  need to know morse code to decipher the message.

...The tradition of conspiracy-thinking in the Muslim world is entrenched and quite fascinating. My first exposure to it was back in journalism school at Carleton University. It was 1993, and I was part of a student television crew sent to cover, as a class assignment, an anti-Israel protest outside the Ottawa Congress Centre, where then-Israeli foreign minister Shimon Peres was speaking.

As we walked into the crowd lugging our TV equipment, an Arab demonstrator pointed to our camera and screamed "Mossad!" Other demonstrators, wearing Yasser Arafat-style kafiyas, became very agitated and started jostling us, yelling "Mossad! Mossad!" We showed our university student IDs. The mob grew angrier, convinced the cards were fake.....

via: Five Feet of Fury


  1. O-kay,the barbarians are at the gate,actually,already inside,comfortably ensconced in our major cities, by the thousands.


    I have seen this or a similar post on almost every BT blog,but while everyone wants to raise the alarm,like a bunch of basement Paul reveres, NO ONE MAKES ANY MENTION OF WHAT WE SHOULD DO ABOUT IT !


    Muslims have moved here in large numbers. They are here to stay. Politicians are ready and willing to pander to them for their block vote,no politician is going to send them anywhere.

    SO: Within the confines of Canadian law,what can we do about it?

    My suggestion: the service clubs in Canada should approach the members of the Muslim community and try to get members of that community to join with us in charitable works,doing some good for this Country.

    I suggest the Lions,Kiwanis,Optimists,Elks,etc., attempt to recruit Muslims into their clubs,to demonstrate to them what Canadian society is all about.

    Working together has to be a better solution than sitting in our respective ghettoes verbally sniping at each other.

    We invite them to get to know us,and see we aren't the monsters their radical Imams portray us as.Continuing isolation of the Muslims can only have a negative result,maybe,just maybe,working together we can reach these people.

    Anybody got a better idea? If so, let's hear it.

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  3. I have two solutions. One would be too radical so I will refrain from mentioning that at this time.

    The other is that all Muslim immigration should be stopped, finished, done, kaput. To make that into law, thousands of us have to raise our voices and put forward our demands to the MPs well before election time and check on the progress of those demands when those same MPs come knocking on our doors for our votes.
    It can be done, if there are enough people voicing this aloud.
    Is this too politically incorrect a move, YES. But the alternative is pure suicide.
    England and Australia are already putting some measures in place and calling them "reduced immigration" or something similar. Of course, they are not saying it's "muslim immigration" just immigration in general.

    The idea of getting them into clubs ... nah .... won't work. You will have to change the menu and dress code to get them to sit with you. Go ahead try it.


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