Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Phenomena of "new" Canadians unwilling to cut ties with their old countries

During the Winter Olympics, I saw the phenomena of new Canadians, and by "new" I am including all those who have made Canada their home in the last 20 years, cheering for their countries of origin instead of cheering for Canada.  The media made a big show of how enthusiatic the new community was about the games by going to the ethnic pockets of Toronto and filming the "new" Canadians and their offspring cheering for countries other that  Canada.  How many generations would the "new" Canadians have to be on Canadian soil to start cheering for Canada?  I think this is a strange phenomena happening all over Canada with the media encouraging and making it look like it's all very normal and a desired trait of multiculturism that we should all admire and be proud of.   IT IS NOT.   New Canadians must instill in their offspring that Canada is their land and the country their parents came from is irrelevant now and always should be henceforth. You simply cannot have it any other way. I have noticed that even the children born in Canada to "new" Canadians are more fluent in the language of the country their parents migrated from than in  English, they know more about movies and actors from their parents' old countries than anything or anybody else on the usual channels offered in Canada.  What's going on?

Michael Coren has written a thought-provoking article in today's Toronto Sun along the lines of this same phenomena. Poignant is this paragraph:

While the fantasy is of modern Canada being composed of numerous nations, faiths and people who all come together as one, the truth is closer to numerous battling and exclusive groups carving out their own influence and place in a fractured state too nervous and self-critical to be proud in its being and aggressive in its citizenship.

And from the comments to Coren's article, here is one I fully agree with:

FoB June 12th 2010, 2:52pm Where does the foreign loyalty end? Two generations or three generations? How about four? We have people going nuts in the street for a win by a team from a country their grandparents or great granparents left. I moved here as an immigrant only 11 years ago and for me its Canada above all

Sometimes, deep down in our subconsciousness, we know something is not really kosher about certain situations. The behaviour of the new generation of Canadians resulting from the influx of immigrants in the last couple of decades should wake up something somewhere within you even if your conscious self does not want you to acknowledge it. If we don't make ourselves aware of this phenomena, we will not find the ways to control or change it for the good of Canada.


  1. Multiculturalism is a disaster foisted upon the public to justify government-supported invasion of our country by refugees and "reunified families" and citizens who now live in ghettos where they don't have to learn much about Canada. Some of the values do not match well and we need to be much much more careful. Jason Kenny is treading lightly, but our cities are getting too crowded and I am worried about the wisdom of this policy. The problem is the immigrants on average are the same age as the baby boomers. What were the Liberals thinking???

  2. umm...which new Canadians are you talking about because the last time I checked most new Canadians were from hot, sub-tropical countries without any winter sports.

  3. The ones I have more in mind are Indians, Sri Lankans, Pakistanis and all Arabic speaking new immigrants.
    The example that got me thinking about this behaviour during the winter olympics was an interview at a pub in downtown Toronto that a reporter from Channel 24 (if I remember right) had with immigrants from either Austria or Germany. They were rooting for their old country's team although the team was playing against Canada.

  4. When people migrate to another country it is for a better life from the life they endured in their birth land. I am Eastern Orthodox, we follow the Julian calendar yet we never demanded that the Canada adapt our ways but the new immigrants demand so and get it from prostitute politicians (usually the leftists)
    When my uncle migrated from Serbia to Canada after WWI our name was phonetically altered from Drekic to Drakich.My father who was twenty years younger ( youngest of 13) came after the communist takeover of Yugoslavia was proud of the new spelling and defended it when others cried they were mistreated and stripped of their heritage.My father wanted to be a part and asset to the country not a liability..
    We are tired of foreign wars waged on our soil, if they care so much for their birth land go back.
    The BNP made immigration a top issue in the election, good for them and the UK. My city has the highest concentration of Middle Eastern Muslims in the country, everyday is a protest day. The first honour beheading in Canada was done by two teenage girls in my hone town, many have since followed along with other means of murder.
    Canada is hosting the G20 at a cost of $1.1 billion, our savvy prime minister is using it as a means to arm our security forces without going through parliament.This is necessary as Canada has the greatest number of terrorist cells in the western world.
    Recently I chatted with some Afghan vets who voiced " better there than here but it will be here"
    Other cultures add to the mosaic of the country but we want their hospitality not their hostilities. My family have embraced the culture of Canada's founding people the British and the French and are for the better.

  5. Good for you Sam, you were blessed with true thinkers for your ancestors.
    You are right about Canada having the most concentration of terrorist cells.
    I read somewhere about a statement from the Defence Sec.of Sri Lanka who was empathic that the terrorist war in Sri Lanka lasted as long as it did because of funding the terrorist group got regularly from Canadians of Sri Lankan origin and from Leftist NGOs.

  6. There are more Cedars of Lebanon flags flying than Maple Leafs in Windsor.


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