Tuesday, June 22, 2010

England .... what ails ye ?

There is no end to the lengths of lunacy that the UK is capable of going all in the name of political correctness.  I think the muzzies should just put it out of it's misery, take over completely and declare Britian as Britianistan.  The UK is done, stick a fork in it and walk away.  Goodbye, you once powerful nation.... goooodbyeeeeeeeee

More than 1,200 workers have been banned from flying England flags on their own cars by managers - over fears they could deemed as racist.

Employees at the housing association were sent a group e-mail warning that decking out their personal vehicles with the St George's flags could 'discriminate' against those who don't support England during the World Cup. Managers at Bolton At Home in Greater Manchester, which manages 18,200 council houses in Bolton, insist cars owned by their workforce must remain 'neutral' in order to treat all its 'customers with respect and without discrimination'.

But today an employee at the organisation said: 'It's an absolute disgrace. All we want to do is show our support for the England football team in the World Cup but we are in effect being told it is racist to start waving the England flag.

'A ban would be bad enough on company cars but these are our own vehicles and we should be allowed to do what we like with them. This is Big Brother mentality gone bonkers.'....

h/t: Sam

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