Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And these are the kind of people that Canada’s Left thinks we should

do kissy-kissy with. The Taliban and Al-Qaeda are a breed of people who should not share this earth with other human beings. Anybody who takes up for the Taliban or Al-Qaeda killers, whether dead, alive, in prison, on the way to prison, in Afghan custody, not in Afghan custody, lying on the ground, standing up, sitting sideways, not sitting sideways..... is a traitor.

The Geneva Conventions were rules and regulations for human soldiers and countries that could understand what it means to be a human being. The Geneva Conventions are not for the animals killing our soldiers. Tell the truth ... don’t you feel like throwing up all over people who have been howling like wild dogs over the Taliban detainees?  Now, we have news that this vile breed  (not the one in Canada... the one in Afghanistan) has been putting syringes contaminated with hepatitis and HIV in the bombs they have been planting everywhere so when the bomb goes off, the needles become deadly flying shrapnel. Also, when the bomb squads are searching for these traps, the needles which are kept upright, can prick the searchers. Are these people soldiers or serial killers ?   And, the Canadians who are crying their eyes out for the Taliban detainees,  what's  the word that would best describe them?  
I could not find a word strong enough or    @#(*&%+     enough to show my anger against those individuals.  Just a gnashing of teeth will do for now.

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  1. "Traitor" will do quite nicely in a polite conversation.

    I believe both Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff,who've made such a big deal over "detainee" treatment, are traitors whose loyalty to Canada is negligible.

    Both are loyal only to themselves and their socialist/communist political Parties,and they make me sick every time I hear them mention the "detainee issue".

    In better times,they'd have both been in prison for providing aid and comfort to the enemy.


  2. Whatever you do, don't tell Taliban Jack. I'm sure that he will use this as evidence that the Taliban are suffering under our "occupation". After all, if the Canadians weren't there, would any of these people even have Hep C or AIDS? After all, in a socialist mind West = Bad Bad Bad; Militant Muslims = Puppy dogs and rainbows.

  3. and now there is news today that they hung a 7 yr old boy for spying.

    how friggin' sick is that? 7 years old..
    Nuke them all now.


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