Thursday, June 3, 2010

Right under our "all knowing" Canadian noses

Khadra, a Somali commentor at RefugeeSettlementWatch website has many revelations to make.  Please keep safe Khadra.  You know your people will show no mercy if they find out about this.

"So to recap everything that I said previously, the Somalis are a people that are surely doing whatever they want and can under the Canadian and American governments’ noses without being publicaly noticed. There is practically no notice at all. The Somalis actually number more than 200,000 in Canada and about the same in the United States yet the public census (from 1998) says 3,000 Somali individuals at all. Somalis disturbingly call their immigration to certain countries or cities as “invasions” and they call cities with no or little Somali populations as “Tuulas” or “villages” because they have little or no Somali population. The City of Mississauga has a relatively small but growing Somali population, this is a classic example of “Tuulas” or villages to the Somalis until “degnaan” or “settlement” happens. They are seriously colonizing North America in large populations. So you see the problem here, there is no assimilation but there is colonization a dangerous thing that is being done to North America in almost a matter of months. I remember when I went to Mississauga like 3 yrs ago for a visit there was at least maybe a little over 100 Somali families there and now (my second visit) the number is doubling. So watch out!"

Read about this for the first time at: BlazingCatFur

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