Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I believe Richard Fadden, CSIS Head

The only reason he has come out and openly said the things he did on national TV is probably because the powers-that-be in the government were not giving him the time of day and not giving credence to his allegations which I am sure are well founded.   Richard Fadden is no fool, he is a true patriot.   Before you start throwing stones at the man, think deep. Why would he come out and say these things now just before the G20?  There will be people from all over the world and Fadden wants to tell those whom he suspects of espionage that CSIS is watching and diplomatic immunity will not work for the visitors no matter who they happen to be. It will come out sooner than later that he had to do what he did because his superiors gave him a deaf ear. With the kind of behaviour you see from new Canadians and their offspring, how can you doubt him? 

25 years ago if the mastermind of the Air India bombing had been arrested by CSIS before he killed all those innocents, without concrete proof, this is exactly the kind of uproar and criticism that would have been flung at them.  Am I right, or am I right?

Fadden said five or more countries are quietly enlisting potential politicians at Canadian universities, some of whom belong to their country's diaspora.

Former CSIS agent Michel Juneau-Katsuya said it can be difficult to distinguish between legitimate persuasion of foreign officials, and espionage.


  1. "Former CSIS agent Michel Juneau-Katsuya said it can be difficult to distinguish between legitimate persuasion of foreign officials, and espionage."

    Yes it can. Maybe Fadden shot his mouth off out of frustration,he's busily backpedalling right now.

    During the Cold War, agents of the Soviet Union were very active in Canada and the U.S. trying to recruit "friends". Now that the CW is over,there are other reasons to recruit, and I have no doubt certain Nations are actively trying to bring some of our politicians on to their side.

    First and foremost is China,who have the most to gain from having friends among our political classes. But whether it crosses the line from influence to espionage is another matter. As the guy says, it CAN be difficult to distinguish.


  2. Here is the real reason as to why the C.S.I.S Investigation was called off , can't investigate one of their own, but why wont they investigate the Multinational Corporations that are the real criminals that keep our Governments corrupt?

  3. During the interview, Fadden also said that there are five other countries involved, including in the Middle East. Considering Israel's Mossad (illegal use of Canadian passports, of Canadian - and other - identities, spying within the US as the Pollard affair, etc..) and the Israeli Hasbara agents within universities, it's not out of question that Fadden was thinking of Israel. Our MPs and government members jump to defend Israel whenever Israel is involved, almost a knee-jerk reaction. They have benefitted from expenses-paid trips to Israel, with special access to Israel's PM, security apparatus et al. Funny that the Media pounced on China and left out Israel... seems that they too have been wined and dined by Israel and its defenders. Fadden is right. we need to stand on guard for Canada first, always!

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  5. Beesting - I think you are wrong about Israel.... and even if Fadden had included Israel when he said "countries in the Middle East" .... we should not see a problem there. At least I don't have a problem with Israel trying to keep their survival instincts at the forefront. They are a country and people maligned by all but a handful of the world's countries... I see no wrong in them trying to keep alive the good relationship our present govt. has with Israel and to strengthen it covertly. Your tone makes it obvious that you belong to the bigger camp... the Israel/Jewish haters. Israel is not big enough or rich enough to weild the kind of power and influence that we see being weilded by China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India and Egypt. If you don't believe me, all you have to do is analyze the bulk of the trades at our stock markets and gauge for yourself where exactly they are coming from, even if these countries are using investor companies as proxies, and who actually have their fingers on Canada's buttons.

    Individuals or countries with shameful amounts of money is what we should be wary of not a young country that has churned out nobel prize winners year after year.

    Don't let your unreasonable hatred towards the Jewish people blind you to these glaring facts.


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