Saturday, June 26, 2010

Will Capt Semrau sue the Govt of Canada? I sure hope so

I have been blogging about Capt.Semrau from way back in September 2009 here,    here, and here when I was a newbie blogger of just 4 months old.  I feel a deep anger within me whenever I read anything to do with the short end of the stick, a very finely sharpened short end, that this Canadian soldier has been stuck with right into his heart. We want transparency and we should demand it in the case of Capt.Semrau. Why exactly is the Canadian govt.  and the Canadian military going after this man... is there more to this story than what the media has access to, or is the media not telling us the whole story.

How can you court-martial a soldier when there is ONE witness and that witness "seems" to have perceived to see something that according to him is not legit combat.  Who is that witness?  Is that witness another Taliban killer?   There's a lot surrounding the case of Capt.Semrau charged with "murder" of a Taliban soldier on the battleground.  I have a feeling that our govt. is playing nice-nice with the Afghans by being mean to our own... trying to show those animals there that we are not animals over here... as if they care.   Capt.Semrau should, when all this is done with, sue the Canadian govt. for 20 Million bucks or more for the utter nonsense he has been put through the past so many years. What a truckload of bull crap is this?  Are our soldiers sent there to kill the Taliban or to cradle them and sing lullabyes?  Our Conservative govt is becoming more and more Liberal-like with each passing day. Very soon, voting for the Liberals or the Conservatives will not make any difference whatsoever. Wait and watch how much more the Cons are going to lean Left.

The witnesses have all spoken and the court martial of Capt. Robert Semrau, who allegedly executed an injured Taliban fighter two years ago, is headed back to Canada for its final chapter.

Semrau, 36, is believed to be the first Canadian soldier to be charged with murder as a result of a battlefield encounter which occurred in Helmand province on Oct. 19, 2008. "The defence is confident right now that these proceedings will result in a just outcome," lawyer Maj. Steve Turner told reporters Saturday afternoon....

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  1. See the Australian Breaker Morant story if you want to know why Govt's do this..


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