Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why did Olivia Chow, MP, wife of NDP leader march in a protest at G8/G20?

I heard on TV yesterday that Olivia Chow was marching with protestors in Toronto. Not one single article from the MSM has the guts to say a simple thing like "Our Labor unions should not have been in the protests. If that huge union crowd of thousands was not on the streets, it would have been easier to notice and catch the violent protestors when they started going wild." NDP and CUPE should have had the grace to keep out of the protests yesterday, whether peaceful or not. Anybody with a sliver of love for their country would have done so. Instead CUPE and NDP lefties chose to march with the criminals that have gathered in Toronto and in so doing they aligned themselves with anarchists and scum. Hope they are proud of themselves. They have harmed the reputation of Toronto and of Canada. Our own labor unions who milk the capitalists again and again, out whining for more feeds. How stunning is that and how very, very disgraceful.

Shame on Olivia Chow, wife of NDP leader Jack Layton to march alongwith the protestors from the labor unions or whatever kind of protestors she was marching with. Shame on you. This is the same woman who was whining and crying over Bill Ayers because he was not permitted to give some lectures that she had organized in some university.

Everything that the NDP stands for is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong with a capital W. And to top it all, Sid Ryan and Jack Layton come out and make statements that the protestors who turned violent didn't endear themselves to anyone..... can you beat that? These guys are the main problem here but by pushing the blame elsewhere they want to come across as shining pure and truly innocent of any wrong doing whatsoever. CUPE and NDP have got the lefties in Canada in such a raving frenzy by pampering them every which way and when they find they have actually been creating monsters, they want to distance themselves now from the violence happening in Toronto. Make no mistake, NDP and CUPE policies are largely to blame for the anarchy in Toronto you have been seeing on your TV sets. The media will never breathe a word of that lest it chokes them to death.

Even the Police Chief Blair had the audacity to say "our labor protest was peaceful" .... Oh really Chief Blair, how sure are you that nobody from the Labor Unions made up part of  the contingency of the criminals we saw on TV ?    You will have egg on your face for making a statement like that, and so also will Sid Ryan and Jack Layton and Olivia Chow when it comes to light that labor union members and NDP voters were part of the violence too... or will you push that info under the rug. Shame on all of you. Totally disgraceful. None of you speak for me and never will.


  1. Wonder why I haven't seen any new coverage of the Refelction Pool and the rest of the Canadian Pavilion? I supect it's because it is a big hit with foriegn media. I personally would like to see the whole exibit and the foriegn response.

  2. The NDP and the Unions are the black clad goons. There’s no doubt about it.

    The Toronto media are their accomplices. They’ll do what ever it takes to spin this so the truth is never spoken, heard or seen. It’ll all be pinned on the Conservatives soon enough.

    Now, as far as the Police Chief goes, could we actually expect anything more from someone who was hired by some of the most left wing goofs in all of Canada!

    This black eye that Toronto has suffered from this is undoubtedly a self inflicted wound. What an utter disgrace that city is. They’ve been dreaming and longing about being a “world class” city ever since forever, and finally they get their big chance to strut their stuff and put on a first class show for a world wide audience, and what do they do but botch it, and botch it big time.

    What’s even more disgusting is how this disgrace has tainted all of Canada with Toronto’s stupidity.

    What a city full of immature politically correct twits.

  3. The NDP and CUPE have every right to protest if they like. I would argue that they also have the responsibility to intervene when protesters turn violent, or at the very least disperse... I saw a CTV video in which a guy with a pink CUPE flag simply follows a bunch of hooligans up the street. He did nothing to stop them, and the idea that maybe he should distance himself from them seems to have not even crossed the individual's mind.

  4. Patrick - having a "right to protest" does not translate to throwing caution to the winds and going whole hog on undressing one's country to show Canada's dirty underwear viz CUPE and NDP protestors.

    There's a time and place for exercising one's "right to protest" and sadly NDP and CUPE have shown all Canadians that Canadians are badly divided, more so now then ever before.

    If you were to have guests coming over to your house for a few days, you would make sure that during their time in your house you and your family members refrained from bickering and infighting, at least for the period that you had visitors watching your moves.

    What one expects to be done in one's house should be a good example of what should be the mode of conduct for the citizenry of the country. The leaders of CUPE and NDP have shown that they care less what the guests to Canada think about our country and in doing so they have further alienated themselves to normal, hard-working, tax-paying Canadians.

    Sad times to see this and sadder to see a helpless police force in Toronto. Unionized and rendered useless.


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