Monday, June 21, 2010

Success At Last...Bill C-268 is now a reality

On June 16, MP Joy Smith's Bill C-268 for a mandatory minimum sentence for offences relating to trafficking of children was adopted and the legislation was sent to the GG for her signature. The dedication, integrity, tenacity and never letting up on this important issue as shown by MP Joy Smith has been noted not only by her constituents in Kildonan, St.Paul, BC... but her name is resounding all over Canada where individuals are doing their best to make Canadians aware of this dreadful plague.  We need more MPs like the Hon.Joy Smith.  Conservative and True.... she stood by what she knew was the first firm step in this fight, despite the many hurdles she came across from the Quebecors in the House and several others. This is only the first step in the long fight. We can root out this plague from Canada, YES WE CAN and that's because our country's name starts with C A N.

h/t: Canada Fights Human Trafficking

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