Thursday, June 24, 2010

Violence towards women from Algerian football player

did you expect anything different?   Violence and misogeny makes up 99.9% of their DNA.

Algeria soccer player Rafik Saifi slapped a female journalist across the face as the aftermath of the United States’ dramatic World Cup victory turned ugly at Loftus Versfeld Stadium on Wednesday night...

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  1. When I was in Rome a few years ago, visiting friends, we were warned about the Algerians.

    They flock to Italy and France as do other North Africans.

    If you looked at them the wrong way in a cafe, the fight was on. All they were looking for was an excuse, and their blades come out. Make no mistake, if you fight an Algerian, you fight his friends as well.

    We saw it happen to a young German tourist. One can only wonder what that Algerian soccer player would have done to that reporter if there were no witnesses.

    All western nations should stop Muslim immigration immediately.


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