Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goodbye England ... keep rolling in your grave, you deserve no peace

I know that a lot of my readers think I am horribly abrasive. I make no excuses for the stuff I say. None whatsoever... and if need be, I would shout those same abrasive statements from the highest rooftops. Truth is my weapon.... I have no other. Watch this vid and try to understand  why we have to keep Canada from going down this road. We all must do our part to get the Canadian govt. to stop muslim immigration.  That is the first step before we start dealing with the problems that have found their way inside Canada via the unchecked muslim immigration of  a violent, intolerant, vile  breed of people.

via: vladtepes blog

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  1. End Muslim Immigration to Canada now, or they will bring bloodshed to our streets.


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