Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In Canada, lefties going wahwahwoowoo over the new Fox-like channel

I love the cries emitting from the Left as they walk on red hot coals they have set up for themselves by molding the Canadian MSM to an extreme Left.  Necessity is the Mother of Invention and so... Lo and Behold ..... the birth of a medium to combat the extreme leftish thinking we are bombarded with, ceaselessly.  This is the kind of channel we have been eagerly waiting for like people desperately needing a sip of water after trudging through the Sahara Desert of Lefty lunacy day in and day out, as meted out by State-funded CBC and the other clones.

Commentors at Tasha Kheiriddin’s article    of a few days ago  show how desperate and angry the Right were getting about the slanted news pushed down our throats by the MSM.

1) Is it just me or have the left dumbed themselves down to the level of a potted plants? I mean can't those fear mongering leftards hit the channel button or shut the TV off when something offends them? Honestly they are becoming absolutely hysterical in their assertions that anything Conservatives should be banned from Canada.

2) I am so excited to hear about a possible Fox North News network. I stopped watching CBC, CTV and even GLobal - Judge Judy is much more interesting and easier on my blood pressure. The constant bias of these other networks has forced me to other forms of news gatherings. If this new network shows balance across the country, I'll be watching. Pay attention CRTC - we need balance and as much as CBC denies denies denies, we know better. Body language, smirking, and not reporting half of the news is obvious to all who look. Can't wait!!

3) So, let me get this straight. It is okay for a terrorist supporting, biased, Middle Eastern network to set up shop in Canada, yet we shouldn't allow Fox News? Every day that goes by the left never miss an opportunity to prove their utter hypocrisy and stupidity...not to mention their support for terrorism and Islamofascism.If the left has the CBC then we should be able to have Fox news North.

4) AWESOME! Can't wait. The media is already biased towards the left and on every station: CTV, Global, and CBC. Its about time we have a station that makes sense and reflects the views of real Canadians; not the marxist teachers and professors. Maybe then Canadians will want to watch the news because it isn't a bunch of socialist propaganda and 24/7 bashing of Canadian and Conservative beliefs and our Prime Minister.

5) What a breath of fresh air. I thought I was the only one who was sick and tired of hearing the same old leftist spin from our so-called news networks. Stop protecting the CBC with tax dollars and let it die a painful death. Let the free market decide which program will survive

My sincere thanks go out to Quebecor’s Pierre Karl Peladeau and to Kory Teneycke for giving us this long awaited gift. Please make it soon and please make it a part of the regular basic package of channels. That will ensure that all households will have a choice without having to shell out the over-and-above fees.

Also, down south, lefties are whining and convulsing on sidewalks because Matt Drudge. is giving them a spoonful of their own medicine and surprisingly they can’t stomach it. They want to slap Drudge with a tax.. No other animal is as vindictive as the Left. Time Magazine, the failed mag that is on the auction block as we speak, has even gone on record to say that “Drudge appeals to racists” or words to that effect. Yup, that’s the Left for you. Not a single legible or coherent sentence is uttered by this breed without interweaving the word “racist” or implication of the word somewhere in there.

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