Saturday, June 19, 2010

RC Bishop in Turkey beheaded

Did anyone see or hear the big honcho of the Roman Catholic church make a statement denouncing the islamists in Turkey? The simpering coward!  Did anyone hear even a whisper from the Useless Nitwits at the UN why there is a new type of indoctrination against infidels aka Palestinian TV happening in Turkey?  Did anyone see or hear state-funded CBC inform the millions of Roman Catholics in Canada that the head of the RC Church in Turkey was beheaded?  Any little bit of news that happens to go  against the Church is repeated in 100 different ways with 100 different spiteful guests adding fuel to the fire and we will  never hear the last of sexual abuse in the Church from the talking heads at CBC.  Maybe one of these days some of them will burst their windpipes like the woman at the games in SA. Won't that be nice!  Silence from the CBC will be like music to our ears.

Christianity is dying a slow painful death at the hands of the Left and their cohorts the muslims and the media. When will Canada come out with a ruling that immigration from Muslim countries has been halted ? When? Not stopping the muslim immigration is like killing Canada, a square yard every day.

The murderer shouted 'Allah Akbar!' The Bishop was stabbed in the house and then beheaded outside. He cried for help before he died. The murderer shouted "Allah Akbar!". The alleged insanity of the murderer is now to be excluded from consideration. There is no medical certificate to prove it. Turkish minister of justice condemns the murder and promises to shed light on the incident.....

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