Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pakistan is a large malignant tumor on God's Good Earth

India, please do the world a favor and nuke the dirt-hole that is Pakistan to ashy nothing.... PLEASE.

Pakistan's intelligence services are supporting the Taliban with training, cash and sanctuary on a larger scale than previously thought as they battle Nato forces in Afghanistan, according to a survey of insurgent commanders

The study also claims that President Asif Ali Zardari made a secret visit to Taliban prisoners in a Pakistani prison to arrange their release earlier this year. It adds fresh evidence to long standing concerns that the country’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency retains ties to Afghan insurgents they first backed during their battle against Soviet occupation in the 1980s. It also suggests the policy is sanctioned within the highest levels of government.............


  1. They have every reason to do so, but don't. Remember that its a democratic (attempted) commonwealth country. Their only hope is in the cities.

    How do you nuke the ISI, but leave the people out of it? That is the question. We should look for a way.

  2. Get them all whacked on heroin. Then march in and take over the country.

  3. We need to seriously negotiate with Pakistan to help them clean up their act.

    There, now I've gotten the "civlized" solution out of the way,maybe it's time NATO, not "Nato" as the newspaper headline calls the organization,started following Taliban freedom Fighters to their villages in Pakistan, and bombing them into oblivion.

    This is just another reason so many of us despair at the mission we've sent our soldiers to fight in Afghanistan. We can stomp out the Muslim extremists in one Country,and they'll pop up in another. Meanwhile,when we leave to fight the new terrorists, the jihadists will take over back in the Country we've just left.

    It's like trying to fix a leaky dike, we only have so many fingers to stick in the holes.


  4. said:
    "This is just another reason so many of us despair at the mission we've sent our soldiers to fight in Afghanistan."

    Yes, my sentiments exactly. The longer our troops are there, the more damage is being done to their mental health. Enough is enough. We have to get out and leave the animals in that part of the world to deal with their own kind.

  5. The creation of Pakistan is the worst mistake in the history of British Foreign Policy. I don't know how the hell Churchill thought it would bee a good idea to create the world's first republic based on Islamism. Check out the history of the Durand Line. The western half of Pakistan should have been given to Afghanistan and the East, especially Punjab, should have been given to India.Lahore and Karachi were once very liberal, cosmopolitan Indian cities.


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