Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A history lesson from Chantal Hebert

This woman knows her stuff and makes a good political analyst.

......As in 1988, the next federal campaign and the potential advent of a Conservative majority could be a watershed for the country.

On this, the NDP and the Liberals are in agreement. But as in the days of the free trade debate it does seem it is all they will agree on between now and the next campaign.

Broadbent’s 1988 campaign was both his finest and his most counter-productive hour. A remake is now in the works


  1. Political parties claim to be Big Tent have a range of different groups that support them.

    The Liberals have been losing key demographics and regions for decades.

    The West rejected Trudeau,and wiped out the PC party.

    Quebec has not returned the Liberals to their level of support after the War Measures Act in 1970.

    Trudeu had Lewis and regained his majority at NDP expense. The NDP do not benefit at the polls when the join the Liberals.

    The NDP-Separatist with Muclair in charge would be a better match to displace the Liberals as the official opposition.

    The Liberals can be reduced to under 50 seats and third place status in 2011 for the next few years. They can become a regional party in the Atlantic Region.

    It was the only region in 2008 they won in popular support.

  2. 1988 Lib-Dipper war was over Free Trade policy,
    this time it's about them
    'should the LPC go the way of the dinosaur'.

  3. Don't associate snakes and lowlifes with the proud dinosaurs.The Liberal name has been corrupted forever and should be removed from the dictionary.Let them start from scratch,but keep an eye on them,because they are very sneaky and can,t seem to learn that they are not entitled to entitlements anymore than the average taxpayer.This group has got to be tossed out and not allowed to run ever again,because not one of them in over 4 years has come up with a policy that would help the government and by extension Canadians.Shame on the name Liberal and shame on the members who carry the Liberal banner and double shame on the people who voted Liberal.They should have known better.And as a sidebar,the idiots in Ontario who voted for McGuinty twice now should be banned from ever voting again.He is worse than Bob Rae ever was..Bob Rae told us he was screwing us,but McGuinty screws us and lies about it .He has made Ontario a have not province and the HST has not even kicked in yet.GET ME OUT OF HERE.

  4. It was not the War Measures Act 1970 that ended Quebec's affiliation for Liberals, but rather the constitution repatriation of 1982. Trudeau won 74 of 75 seats against Joe Clark in 1980. He and his Liberals then proceeded against the wishes of the provincial government, the PQ of R. Levesque.


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