Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wanna watch Barney Frank and his opponent debate ?

His opponent is Sean Bielet. This is one of the races that will be closely watched. If Barney Frank and Harry Reid are thrown out of the Democratic party, then it will truly be one of the biggest mid-term victories ever... according to pundits in the know.

In this debate, in the 3rd vid, Sean Bielet says something about our Canadian border. I think this has become a strategy with the candidates down south to pool both their southern and northern borders in one basket. Not fair to Canada as none of our citizens are over there as illegal immigrants, but there you have it. See how the politicians yak, yak, yak and twist things all around any which way to suit them. They are sucking up to their Latin American voters by trying to show how fair they are about the border issue by including Canadian borders with the USA as also being a problem. Shame on them.

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