Sunday, October 3, 2010

Miscarriages of Justice ..... by the Justices themselves

What a bloody mess the Canadian judicial system has come to.  It's fit to make one gag time and time again.  What has happened to the judges in Canada?  They have lost all meaning of Right and Wrong and their heads have swelled up to  the size of prize-winning  watermelons with their own  self-importance.

“Vigilante grocer” David Chen should have stayed behind the counter and not tackled the career criminal, crack addict who had stolen from him, the Crown says.

Chen used excessive force in beating, tying up and throwing the petty thief into the back of a van, the prosecution states in a court document obtained by the Sun.

“Citizens no longer have a legal duty to apprehend felons pursuant to ‘hue and cry.’ Instead, we rely on and expect the police to fulfil their statutory duty to enforce the law and frown upon citizens pursuing ‘vigilante’ justice,” states the Crown in written arguments opposing Chen’s constitutional challenge of the powers of citizen’s arrest.

The 36-year-old Chinatown storekeeper — who was hailed in May 2009 as a hero — will go on trial Monday for assaulting and forcibly confining Anthony Bennett who made a habit of stealing from Chen and other hard-working merchants in his community......


  1. From the Sun article:

    "Last summer, Bennett, 52, pleaded guilty to stealing from the Lucky Moose as well as King Flower and Plant, adding to his lengthy rap sheet of 43 convictions over his 30-year crime spree."

    "Bennett should not have been so harshly treated by Chen and others for a misdemeanor....."

    I wonder what the other 43 convictions were for?

    After 43 convictions you'd think that this thief would be put away for a long time but instead he gets 30 days and gets to testify against the shop keeper who caught him. Poor criminal.
    It's a crazy world we live in.

    The crown attorney probably believes that he's doing a good thing here but I'd say that he's out of step with public opinion and is the real problem.

  2. Last week in an Ottawa court a "uncle" was sentenced after being convicted of sexually molesting his niece over a period of three years, the abused ceased when the niece was 15 and finally told her family.

    His sentence for her three years in hell and the over 1 and 1/2 years wait to trial where he was out on bail? 30 days, to take place on weekends only, 18 months probation and his name on a sex registry that no one but the police can access.

    They call this clerk a vigilante? I am surprised there has not been a serious case of vigilante justice in Canada. They have no idea of the simmering anger of the population, the unjustice system is setting the stage.......

  3. We need real life Charles Bronsons and Clint Eastwoods. Our judges are inapt and that's putting it mildly.

  4. The left destroyed our Justice System and replaced it with a legal system stacked with liberal activist's judeges and crown attorneys. I have no faith in the system, especially if you are innocent.

  5. These are same prosecutors who allowed Homolka to go free for murder.


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