Friday, October 29, 2010

Canadian blogger BCF under attack from the Canadian Human Rights Commission's

ex-employee Richard Warman. Here we are, fighting to keep our country free and safe, and an entity of the Canadian govt and an entity that the minority Conservative govt of Prime Minister Stephen Harper thinks deserves the money from the govt coffers, comes after Conservative bloggers with everything they have got. Does it make sense to you. Here we are working to bring you news and opinions that we hope will enlighten you to matters that are hidden from you by the MSM and those that would mean harm to Canada and Canadians, and what does the minority govt of PM Stephen Harper give us in return? The minority govt. does not lift even their pinkie to abolish Section 13. The minority govt does not even question the CHRC why they are going after bloggers and free speech ..... this is your Canada folks. Get used to it. Shills and shrills for the minority govt of PM Stephen Harper stop telling me that minority governments cannot do much. Abolishing Section 13 is not asking for moving mountains.

Look inside yourselves folks and see if what this blasted person Richard Warman  and what the CHRC are doing should be allowed to happen.  The Leftists and the moslems who hate the blogger Blazing Cat Fur for his timely exposures are now filled with joy because he is being sued. Where will ordinary citizen bloggers like BCF have the kind of  money required to fight the utter evil that comes out from the CHRC. How will he concentrate to research further findings like the kind he has exposed recently about the devious going ons inside the DND and the RCMP?

Is the Canadian Human Rights Commission fighting on behalf of Canadians or against Canadians. I think they are not only against Canadians, they are against Canada..... while we sit back and take the shit they shovel into our faces.

Please viisit BCF and see if you can contribute to a fund set up for the purpose of fighting the kind of frivolous suits  that the CHRC is well known to slap on bloggers.  They know they are frivolous but they want to take revenge on certain people and that's because the CHRC is full of sadistic people.

PS:  you blasted Richard Warman... I challenge you to come after me you scum slimeball and that goes for the entire CHRC. Come get me you blasted bitches and see what you can chew on. I think you are all turds. Is that hate speech enough for you or do you want some more. Let me know. I am always ready and willing to oblige scum like you.


  1. Thanks for your support Dodo it means a great deal to us!

  2. BCF - you are not alone. Let me know when you have to go for the hearing or whatever it is called, and I will gather together my immigrant friends to come watch so all of them will know how the CHRC goes after good, decent people while crooks, criminals, murderers, drug addicts, raving moslems and raving imams who actually mean harm to Canada and Canadians are free to do whatever they want.


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