Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Faster, faster England ..... dangle on that rope you wove for yourself ...... Part Twelve

1)   Sharia courts were introduced in UK very quietly and with hardly a whisper in the media. That's stealth jihad at it's finest. The vid at the link was made in 2008.  Within a short year, by mid 2009 there were 85 sharia courts all over Britian. They spread as quickly and as widely as the mosques and sooner than you can say WTF.

2) The video below is from Russian TV. They seem to be paying more attention to the spread of sharia and sharia courts in the UK than their own media.

3) Have as many wives and kids that your heart desires and the UK taxpayers will foot the bill without a whimper.

4) The unstoppable immigrant policy of the Labour govt continues to wreck havoc.

5) A small but encouraging voice of defiant from a muslim girl refusing to wear a headscarf at a muslim run estate firm. She lost her job, but took the agency to court.

6) One of the meat suppliers reverts from halal lamb.  Too little, too late.

7) Islamic schools in UK force students to wear burkas. As more and more establishments fall into moslem hands you will see more and more of sharia laws in those establishments and with other establishments doing business with the moslem firms. 
8) A pregnant woman invites advances unwittingly from a cab driver by sitting in the front  seat with him. This is how naive and ignorant and totally uninformed non-muslim women, especially white non-muslim women are about what moslem men think about them and women in general. They have no clue of the danger they are putting themselves in by treating moslem men the same way they would the men they are used to.

9) Monstrous moslem teens   set fire to a house in which an autistic boy of 12 meets his end.

10) Just like what has alarmingly started to happen in Canada  moslems now have strong influence in govt depts.  Can you believe that an "anti-terror"  chief from the UK Home Office advocates and approves the entry of a raving islamist from India for preaching in the UK ?    Trojan Horses all over.

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