Saturday, October 9, 2010

Multiculturalism ... a long word that needs extra burial ground

I just saw a tweet from our Minister of Immigration saying this article from the Globe&Mail  is "thought provoking" so I went ahead and read it.  Oh yeah,  it provoked some thoughts alright !!!   If you are a frequent reader of my blog, I don't have to tell you what those thoughts were. More importantly, we would like to know the thoughts provoked in the Canadian govt powers-that-be and if those thoughts are reaching their eyes and if their visiion is only short-sighted or something better, and whether  we can trust and rely on them  to do the right thing.  Multiculturalism is not working.... kill it and bury it before it buries Canada. 

The tired, flawed debate over the benefits of multiculturalism – that it gives newcomers a sense of belonging – and the disadvantages – that it emphasizes differences – has been on a continuous loop since the 1970s.

With Europe’s retreat from multiculturalism, the debate has become more fraught, while the terminology has ceased to have any real meaning. It signifies very different things to different people, and has turned into a flashpoint and a distraction. .............


  1. So if we change the word Multiculturalism to Pluralism all our problems will be solved. LOL

  2. Pluralism is just another word for multiculturalism ... IMO. So, to answer you question... NO, it will not solve anything.
    Globe&Mail and our politicians are just wasting time and patience dancing around the issue.... nobody's fooling anybody.

    Everybody and his uncle, even the dead one, knows that immigration from certain areas is doing more harm than good and the longer we dilly-dally and make nice-nice, the worse it will get.


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