Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bring our troops home

Over at MooseAndSquirrel blog, Kaffir Kanuck gives us an an indepth look from Afghanistan. Being a member of the Canadian Forces stationed in Afghanistan, his perception of things over there really count.

Worth your time to read through his thoughts and I am sure many of you will come to the conclusion that our troops should come home as soon as possible. The end date as given by PM Stephen Harper will not come soon enough for many of us. After the end date, no matter what anybody has to say, not a single Canadian should be stationed in that hell hole. Let the Afghans fight the Taliban for their freedom.  Furthermore, let the Afghan women fight the Afghan men and the Taliban for their individual freedom, if they want it bad enough they will do it.  Enough is enough.. the West should get out and leave the caves to the cavemen.


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