Monday, October 4, 2010

The Liberals are responsible for the breakdown of family values in Canada

From the long, long, long, long, list of woes that are as a result of  the numerous years of  Canada under a Liberal govt, let's take just one here because it has made the news today.  The trashing of the marriage bond. The report from the Vanier Institute for Family says:
the proportion of legally married Canadians has been falling over time, with about 48 per cent of adults married in 2006.
Common-law families are the fastest-growing family type, and common-law couples with children are the fastest-growing group.
I often wonder how many of those "common-law couples" are really and truly committed to each other. In my personal opinion, sorry.... but I tend to think of such relationships as bogus or artificial. One or both parties are fooling each other or themselves that they are truly in love and committed.   I know, I know .... you will say how about married folks, they also think they are committed until the break-up. And to that I say... at least with married folks when they separate they can part from each other secure in the consolation-giving knowledge that someone cared enough for them to go the extra mile of commitment, that extra mile of commitment translates into a bond of marriage. Common-law breakup participants will get no such consolation.... for them the sad truth will be that the person they were with all those years before the breakup, didn't give enough of a hoot to go the extra mile.

If the person you are with is not ready to commit to marriage, you should not be willingly and foolishly ready to spend any more of your time with such a person.......... that's my opinion and I am sticking to it.


  1. My parents married too early and split up when I was young.
    I married later on in life because I didn't want to make the same mistake.
    I love my wife.
    I love my kids.
    I can't imagine living without them.
    And even though things aren't always perfect, there is no way I would ever have any of them go through what I went through.
    I think that there will be a rebound in those stats as the kids of broken homes search for the kind of life for their kids that they never had, for very long, if at all.

    My wedding ring is the only piece of jewellery I wear.
    The only one I want to wear.
    I wear it with the pride of a husband and a father.
    I feel naked without it.

  2. Good for you Dance, your family is lucky to have you.

  3. The tax laws are against married people.
    The divorce and family laws are against fathers.

    If you penalize a behavior in this case marriage you will get less of it. Why is this surprising.

  4. Kevin.... I agree and I have often wondered about that. For the people to keep family values and find the bond of marriage sacred and attractive, the govt has to find a way to decrease the burden on married couples and in fact make it more attractive, tax-wise.

    Also, I do think that fathers are penalized in divorce settlements far too much. It's not like women are helpless these days, in most areas they have taken over the men, so I don't see why the old laws still hold... that the man is responsible for child care. The burden of divorce settlements and child care are probably the two deterrents that common law relationships are as far as most men want to venture in relationships.

    Feminism.... the feminism of the 60s and 70s has not been a good thing for females who are different than the bimbos of that time. Unfortunately, those miserable decades are still taking their toll today.


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