Saturday, October 16, 2010

In which Toronto SUN columnist is frustrated and the "classy" Globe & Mail calls Rob Ford "Fat"

Sue-Ann Levy is not alone in her frustration, she is joined by thousands upon thousands of other Torontonians who have had to deal with the City big hats at some time or the other. The polls showing Rob Ford so far ahead of the others  are because we desperately want a change from the bureaucrats who think their gravy train is a given and that the taxpayers can go suck lemons for all they care.

Late last week in an effort to get a status update on two high-profile City Hall construction projects, I contacted the bureaucrats in charge.

As is regularly the case, their phones were on voicemail. Every single voicemail message told me they were in a succession of meetings that particular day and instructed me to press 0 for their assistants if I needed “immediate attention”.

When I tried to reach their assistants, I got their voicemail messages, too, one of which advised callers to contact her assistant.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.......

In other news, the classy newspaper Globe&Mail shows the depth of the gutter they try to climb out from and fails time and time again. I tried to link you to exactly what I meant, but the pussies have put the article beyond reach. Maybe, they will show some cohones and show it. Cowards ! Right now, trying to access the articles gives a "404: File not found" error.

However, their search engine had something and it should suffice to show you how classy the Globe & Mail happens to be, just the heading is enough.
Rob Ford's not popular despite being fat. He's popular because of ...
Oct 15, 2010 ... Toronto municipal contender leads with his gut – where post-industrial angst is writ very, very large.

Real classy, eh?!!!!!


  1. You can find the whole G&M article at BC Blue. It's really disgusting and should be read by all so they can see the "tolerance" of the lefties. The article contains 17 references to "fat".

  2. That is okay, here is the entire text of that article here, thanks to the power of Firefox and cache viewer, via BC BLUE. Enjoy all the progressiveness -


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