Friday, October 22, 2010

Faster, faster England ....your coffin is being measured ...... Part Nineteen

Bloodless coup of England is in the offing. Yes, it will be bloodless, almost.  If you think of me as a hate and fear monger .... please move on, nobody is twisting your arm to read this.  Shoo

....The Muslim Brotherhood’s foothold in Britain became significant with the arrival there of its official spokesman for Europe, Egyptian-born member Kamal El Helbawy in the mid 1990s. In 1997 Helbawy founded the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), together with fugitive Hamas commander Mohammed Sawalha, Azam Tammimi (who between 1989 and 1992 worked for the Muslim Brotherhood’s in Jordan) and the son of the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq, Anas Al Tikriti. Since then, numerous Muslim Brotherhood associated organizations have sprung up in the UK, often connected to at least one of the four above names. They include the Palestinian Return Centre, Interpal, the Institute of Islamic Political Thought, the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and media outlets such as the monthly Hamas magazine ‘Filastin Al Muslima’ and the ‘Palestine Times’.....

.....One of the more interesting phenomena in the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK has been its willingness to nurture what is known as the ‘red-green alliance’; the link to radical Left wing groups such as the Socialist Workers Party as seen in the form of the Stop the War Coalition which is one of the main players in the campaign to delegitimize Israel in the UK. It has to some extent also dabbled in mainstream politics in the form of George Galloway’s Respect party, for which Anas Al Tikriti stood as a candidate for the European Parliament in 2004. But it is not only within the fringes of the extreme Left that Muslim Brotherhood activists find political sympathy in Britain; both Anas Al Tikriti and Azam Tamimi (a man who openly admitted aspirations to be a suicide bomber in Israel) have had articles commissioned by the mainstream newspaper ‘The Guardian’ and are to be found voicing their opinions on British television. ....

.....There is barely an aspect of British life today in which Muslim Brotherhood and/or Hamas supporters lack influence. From the academic world, including student organizations, through politics and government, trades unions, the media, the legal system and even some Christian churches, they have succeeded in re-writing the prevailing narrative by means of the employment of the language of charity and human rights. Skillfully, they deflect criticism by the use of anti-racism laws and social mores and manage to market themselves as the face of ‘moderate Islam’ so successfully that they are often invited to act in an advisory capacity to decision makers and are even able to secure government funding ......

via: Biased BBC Biased BBC blog has three links in their second-last para which you should have a look at and then revisit my earlier posting below where I had vids to show what was happening in Tower Hamlet.

Additionally,  visit  this link  which I saw at Mark Steyn's website a few hours ago, it's to do with the above links as well.

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