Friday, October 1, 2010

Thank you Honorable Peter MacKay ... for at least one part of the decision

Defence Minister Peter MacKay has vetoed the speech from a controversial Islamic group because of its "extremist views."

Imam Dr. Zijad Delic, the national executive director of the Canadian Islamic Congress, was to speak at an internal event at Department of National Defence headquarters Monday.

A spokesman for MacKay said when the minister learned of the CIC's participation in the Islamic Heritage Month event, he pulled the plug "based on extremist views promulgated by the Canadian Islamic Congress."

"The Canadian Islamic Congress has declared that Israelis over the age of 18 are legitimate targets of suicide bombers," wrote Jay Paxton, MacKay's director of communications, in an e-mail. "These types of comments don't support Islamic Heritage, they simply divide Canadians, promulgate hate and they have no place in Monday's celebrations."

Without Delic's speech, Monday's event will focus on the "evolution of Islam" in the Canadian Forces, Paxton said, and the "positive contribution" of Canada's muslim community to Canadian society. ............

However,  Hon. MacKay, do you think that pampering one group of  Canadians, AND ONE GROUP ONLY ALL THE TIME, will mitigate the hurt felt by other Canadians?  I have never heard of a Hindu Heritage Month, or a Buddhist Heritage Month, or a Jewish Heritage Month or a Christian Heritage Month being celebrated anywhere, leave alone inside the DND.

Do you think that Canadian Hindus from India, Indonesia, BanglaDesh, Pakistan, Nepal, SriLanka and the Canadian Buddhists from Nepal, China, S.Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Macao and the Canadian Jews from all over the world and the Canadian Christians from all over the world don't have any heritage to speak of ??

No more pampering please of the moslem community.  The rest of us have had enough of this one way street.


  1. You can bet the progressives are going to crucify him in question period, and the MSM will be all over this like flies on turds.

    We need to send him emails of thanks because you can bet that the lefties are filling his mail box with protests of injustice and intolerance as I type.

  2. good job and well done to you and to all the others in the links. Good outcome.

  3. You are right Hunter. I hope all those who wrote to him will write again to say their thanks.

    Thanks Simon. It was actually the blogger Blazing Cat Fur who got wind of the stealth event and then some of us helped him along with our voices.

  4. I would love to see where, in the mandate of the Canadian Forces, it states that they should be apologists for Islam.

    The Canadian Forces has lost 150 members to the extremism of Islam. Perhaps it is Islam that should be holding seminars on 'how to get along'.


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