Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So... Michelle Malkin thinks Canadians are touchy, eh?

Hey, Michelle what do you think about your Susan Rice and your delegates to the UN who did not raise even a finger to help us get a seat at the UN Security Council? Did anybody say anything official about that to the USA? Did we show any touchiness then ?

I think our Ambassador to the USA had every right to correct Sharron Angle of Nevada when she said that "the northern border is where the terrorists came through". The Americans have been so negligent with the security of their southern borders... they are totally oblivious to the number of potential terrorists that must have poured in through Mexico into Arizona, Texas, Nevada and elsewhere. Just because a couple of unsavory characters were caught crossing over from our side into theirs, seem to have given them the right to say with  conviction,  statements like  "terrorists come over from Canada".

Look at your southern borders, Michelle.... look at all the arabic prayer mats and korans found at the borders there. Look at all the beheadings and car bombings going on at the border towns of Mexico within a stone's throw of your country.... who do you think the Mexicans have ganged up with?  Who do you think they are partnering with against the USA?  It's so easy to blame Canada right?   South Park did it, so why not the rest of the USA.

And don't forget, the unsavory characters that were caught at the US/Canada borders were caught because our security personnel too provided the means to catch them.  Can you say the same for your southern borders?  And do you have any Canadian nationals as illegal immigrants in your country?

Really !!! I am pissed with the USA and their bloggers and the American commentors at the blogs pissing on us.  Instead of appreciating us they seem to be throwing us aside and giving a bill of health to all the nastiness seeping in over their southern borders.

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  1. Usually I agree with Michelle, but this time she is way off! Notice that her examples are few and decades old. She was obviously just ticked off that our Ambassador called out one of her favorite candidates.

    “Our Northern border is where the terrorists came through,” Angle told a group of Hispanic students last week. “That’s the most porous border that we have.”

    This is total garbage and Michelle should know it. The most porous border is Canada?? Is she kidding?


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