Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Faster, faster England ..... your post-mortem might spell our survival ..... Part Seventeen

Martel Sobieskey's quote from "Islam's Invasion Ideology"
In the same way that a fake $100 bill is not legitimate currency, Islam is a counterfeit religion and therefore does not qualify for first amendment status. It is extremely incorrect to categorize Islam as a religion when its core literature and bloody track record prove a thousand times over that it is an -- Invasion ideology, a shrewd and cunning predator -- disguising itself as a religion.

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Ibn Warraq's quote from "Islam: A Totalitarian Ideology"
Islam is a totalitarian ideology that aims to control the religious, social and political life of mankind in all its aspects -- the life of its followers without qualification, and the life of those who follow the so-called tolerated religions to a degree that prevents their activities from getting in the way of Islam in any manner. And I mean Islam. I do not accept some spurious distinction between Islam and “Islamic fundamentalism” or “Islamic terrorism.” The terrorists who planted bombs in Madrid on March 11, 2004, and those responsible for the death of approximately 3000 people on September 11, 2001 in New York, and the Ayatollahs of Iran, were and are all acting canonically. Their actions reflect the teachings of Islam, whether found in the Koran, in the acts and teachings of the Prophet Mohammed, or in Islamic Law that is based upon them.

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From an interview with Oriana Fallaci who passed away in 2006
In The Rage and the Pride, Ms. Fallaci compares Islam to a "mountain which in one thousand and four hundred years has not moved, has not risen from the abyss of its blindness, has not opened its doors to the conquests of civilization, has never wanted to know about freedom and democracy and progress. In short, has not changed." She warns that "from Afghanistan to Sudan, from Palestine to Pakistan, from Malaysia to Iran, from Egypt to Iraq, from Algeria to Senegal, from Syria to Kenya, from Libya to Chad, from Lebanon to Morocco, from Indonesia to Yemen, from Saudi Arabia to Somalia, the hate for the West swells like a fire fed by the wind. And the followers of Islamic Fundamentalism multiply like protozoa of a cell which splits to become two cells then four then eight then sixteen then thirty-two. To infinity."

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Some of my readers should take the initiative to send the entire series on "Faster,faster England"  to our Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.   I cannot forward my own stuff as it would look like I am tying to promote my blog.  My only intention with this blog is to bring awareness to as many people as possible about the dangers of islam and to get enough people mobilized into writing to the govt powers-that-be to stop ALL IMMIGRATION OF MOSLEMs until we  get the ones already here to assimilate with us.  Is that asking for too much from you?

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