Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The BBC .... much, much worse than the CBC

The UK's main enabler of islamization and the biggest shill for anything arabic or moslem is their very own BBC. Here is Undhimmi blog with the details on how the BBC carries advertisements for shariah banking. 

By now I hope my readers know, after I have taken the pains to wisen you up, on exactly what shariah banking entails. No matter what anybody tells you about how squeaky clean ethical funds or islamic banking happens to be .... always remember one thing.... part of the same funds go to fund terrorist activities. You don't want your country having to do anything with terrorist activities.... do you?



    BTW, for anyone wondering – I am currently overseas on business – BBC websites do not take advertising in the UK)

    Neither does the BBC advertise on the TV.

  2. If not taking ads in the UK but taking them for viewing in other countries makes it palatable to your taste... go ahead eat the bull.


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