Thursday, October 28, 2010

I heard the roar of grass root Conservatives last night in Willowdale, Toronto

and it warmed my heart. A friend of mine dragged me to one of her political meetings in Willowdale, which is a riding in North York, Toronto. To better slot this ward on the Toronto landscape, think David Zimmer, MPP and then Martha Hall Findlay, MP.  The meeting was to nominate a representative to run against Liberal Zimmer next year. The two incumbents vying (one of them was too aggressive and spoke more like a lying Liberal than a truthful Conservative) to represent the animated residents of Willowdale, were Vince Agovino and Pamela Taylor.

The event was very well organized and my friend who is a political junkie told me that she has never seen such a large turnout at any nomination she has ever been involved in before. Willowdale has been Red for far too long, and now with Ontario running in the red, it's time for a color change.. and it's gonna happen in Oct 2011.. according to my friend.

One of the speakers reiterated my friend's sentiment and said that in all his 20+ years in politics he has never seen the grass roots movement that has taken hold of Toronto and never before seen such a great turnout for a nomination, the crowd roared loudly at that and at anything said about plans to throw Mr.Nanny McGuinty out and replace him with Tim Hudak. There were "Tim Hudak to take back Ontario" posters all over the meeting hall and plenty of smiling and energetic volunteers at every step you took.

Another speaker highlighted how people have become completely fed up with Dalton McGuinty and how McGuinty's govt has turned a 2.5 Billion surplus when he took over the Premiership and turned it into a 20 Billion deficit and that too in spite of taxing the people of Ontario with the worst tax increases this Province has ever seen in it's history. He said that under McGuinty's watch the hydro rates have increased 75% .... yes... 75%.

Vince Agovino won the nomination by a very comfortable margin.    Let this be a lesson to other Conservatives vying with each other. Refrain from attacking your opponent, we all belong to the same club and our efforts and our weaponry should be directed at the Left, not each other. Pamela Taylor attacked Agovino because she said he had given a donation to a Liberal candidate a couple of years back.  Hey... listen up.... Ms.Taylor some of the staunchest Conservatives are ones who actually used to vote Liberal.  Isn't it better to have someone who has seen the error of their ways than to have a lukewarm Conservative who might jump into the other camp to try out what it's like over there? Anyway, according to my friend, Vince Agovino had given a donation to an old school friend who was running as a Lib candidate and not because he had Lib leanings.

Another thing that warmed my heart was to see a pretty good contingent of the visible minorities in the crowd of approx 500 attendees. Everybody at the event were not members of the Willowdale PC Party who had come out to log their votes, however, they were all Conservatives, and to see quite a few Indian, Iranian  and Oriental  faces told me that the tide has already turned and the color of the waves is BLUE, roaring blue with brownish hues.

YAH ..... YIPEE .... YAH YAH


  1. "Refrain from attacking your opponent, we all belong to the same club and our efforts and our weaponry should be directed at the Left, not each other"

    Absolutely !


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