Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gay Pride Parade attacked in Belgrade

As I write this, the reports from BBC seem  to point the blame at anybody but moslems, although Belgrade has a huge population of  moslems from Kosovo and Bosnia.  Hey you Canadian gays, this post is especially for all you shills shilling endlessly for moslems and palestinians and anything and everything to further the cause of moslems here in Canada. 

Maybe in Belgrade, like the BBC is implying, the attack was instigated by the far-right orthdox Christians, but when it starts happening here it will definitely not be because of Christians.  Make note of this, dear Canadian gays, this is the same kind of stuff that will be happening to you when you strut your stuff in the parades on Canadian streets.  Just wait and see what happens when the moslem population here becomes big enough and strong enough to go after your butts.  It's  inevitable, and you should feel proud of yourselves for having helped to make it happen. Are you happy now?  What are the bets that the gays in Belgrade will either not have another parade (this was supposedly held after many years)  next year or if they do, most gays will prefer to stay home out of fear?   Fear .... the lethal weapon the moslems know how to use with maximum simpact.
Serbian police have clashed with protesters   trying to disrupt a Gay Pride parade in the capital, Belgrade. Police used tear gas against the rioters, who threw petrol bombs and stones at armed officers and tried to break through a security cordon.
A garage attached to the headquarters of the ruling Democratic Party was briefly set on fire, and at least one shot was fired at the building........

In other news, here is Ezra Levant in today's Toronto Sun

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