Monday, October 25, 2010

Torontonians we did it !!!

Congratulations to Rob Ford our new mayor.    Big Thank You to all the volunteers, especially those in North York, you know who you are.   See, like I said before,  it was worth taking all the insults and the banging of doors in your faces when you went canvassing, wasn't it.  Our candidate won and that's what counts.

Dalton McGunity where are youuuuuuuuuuuuu ????   Your days are numbered dear Mr.Nanny.  Dear Torontonians, we  have to keep up the momentum, there are a lot of other tiny elections and nominations underway and we must not let up and celebrate too much.  Our next big initiative is to help Tim Hudak become the Premier of Ontario and then to lead the Conservatives  to a majority like the kind never seen before in Canada.   Toronto, the city of immigrants will make it happen.
I am a bit tipsy with the celebration going on but  am feeling so happy tonight.  Yay for Rob Ford.  Yay for Torontonians for showing the power we have and how best we can use it.   YAY !!!!!


  1. Don't want to rain on your parade, but what about the rest of council? Of will the magnitude of Mr Ford's victory force them to go along with his ideas?

  2. Frances ... I can see some of the council members that got reelected are firmly with Rob Ford. I am still looking at the results to see how many he will be able to count on. He wants to get rid of 22 council members which is like almost halving the number... chances are that will not happen .... not that big a number and not real soon.

    BCF ... yup. Chalk up one victory. Next Tim Hudak as Premier of Ontario.
    I hope Hudak learns a big lesson tonight and takes it to heart. Less political correctness and more frankness and openness goes a long way.


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