Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boycott Campbell Company of Canada

Campbell Soups, the Canadian division, goes smack, smack, smack and lickity lick on those special butts everybody and his brother loves to distraction.

As part of Campbell Canada's commitment to diversity and extraordinary, authentic nourishment for all, our selection of Halal-certified products are here to help you meet your Islamic dietary requirements......

Have you ever seen  Campbell  products made especially in the Jewish tradition, or in the Chinese tradition or in the Indian tradition? Anybody.... anything? Help me out here.... are there any products out there with a special theme catering to a certain segment of the population by and large ???  Why the heck is every Tom, Dick and Harry falling over themselves and bending double to please the moslems.  Are they currying favors in the false  hope that  their heads will be the last to be chopped off?   I simply don't get it.

The president of the Campbell Company of Canada is Philip Donne  and  here's a list of other biggies in the company.   Great non-moslem names eh?  Very soon they might want to change them with a prefix "Mohamed" and a suffix "Mohamed".  Nice going Campbell.   Who's next....  Maple Foods?  Saputo Cheese ?

They of course would like your feed-back. Don't disappoint them.

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  1. You've never seen the kosher "K" on food and drink packaging at supermarkets, have you? As far as I can see, this is no different, and is no reason to set your hair on fire.

  2. I have never seen the "H" for Hindu or the "B" for Buddhist either, or even the "C" for some exotic Chinese food products. The "H" for Hindu would have spices which Hindus use in all their cooking, the "B" would have various kinds of herbs and meditation mantras and the "C" might have locust legs and wings to give that crunchy bite.

    Either do it for each and everyone or let the foods which were prevalent in this Judeo-Christian country remain the way they were. Just because different species of humans from all over the world are coming to Canada, does not mean that food manufacturers and food outlets have to change their own products or start new ones to cater to everyone.

    The immigrants must learn to assimilate with the people of Canada and learn to like Canadian food, bought from supermarkets and the like. Their own food can be made from scratch in their own homes. All ingredients to make that happen are easily available.

    That's my opinion and I am sticking to it.

  3. Damn, I love my chunky sirloin burger.
    Or, as I like to call it, daddy dog food.
    When I was in school I would eat it cold straight out of the can.
    Sometimes you have to eat to live.
    Now, I get to order steak sandwiches at lunch and live to eat.
    But, you know, president's choice soup is pretty good, too.

    Come to think of it, how can they sell to that particular market when they still sell bean with bacon soup?

  4. actually i think this is a trial balloon so far i see only veggie soups and they're selling this for less than half price.when i go to the supermarket i make a show of looking for the symbol and putting the can back on the shelf, when they go to beef and chicken soups they will have to employ only muslim butchers with there cruel butchering methods.i wonder where PETA is on this one.


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